2020 Most Fun-to-Drive Car of the Year

What's eligible: Any 2020 model vehicle despite when it was introduced or last upgraded.

Criteria: Rather than an accolade limited to the most effective sports cars, our award is open to any design of any type that's specified by how enjoyable it is to drive, be that on a racetrack or not.

Winner: 2020 Hyundai Veloster N
Our previous 3 Most Fun-to-Drive awards have actually gone to vehicles known for an appealing mix of price and driving pleasure: the Mazda Miata (two times) and the Volkswagen Golf GTI. (What can we state? We're thrifty, and ease of access matters to us.) This year, we're delighted to offer the award to a newcomer that appears to have actually improved that formula: the 2020 Hyundai Veloster N.

This may shock given that Hyundai isn't widely acknowledged for efficiency, and the previous-generation Veloster was understood for being more cool than enjoyable. However the upgraded three-door hatchback provides a responsive, pleasing driving experience even in its lower trim levels. When it comes to the Veloster N, absolutely nothing else we evaluated this year influenced the same amount of large delight; it's a car that feels definitely dialed in from the very first corner. The quick-shifting six-speed manual transmission is a pleasure, and the steering includes an immediacy that gets you by the neck and yanks you into the corner in addition to the car. The responsive and torquey turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder makes the Veloster N a capable performer that punches well above its weight (and price) class.

The optional Performance Package improves power from 250 to 275 horse power and adds larger brakes, an electronically managed limited-slip differential and a variable exhaust system. The mechanical trickery keeps the front-wheel-drive Veloster N from feeling rowdy. It just grips and rips over any curved road you can discover.

All of this (even with the Performance Package) costs just more than $30,000. The vehicles we think about direct competitors of the Veloster N in efficiency terms-- the Honda Civic Type R and Volkswagen Golf R-- expense far more. Cost aside, it's not lost on us that the Veloster's only transmission is a handbook, that makes it less available in another way. But we had to give it a pass-- the car is just that great. At a time when performance lorries are ending up being more technically skilled with better specifications and more and more limits, we normally complain their absence of feel, consisting of in cars and trucks costing two, 3 or more times as much as this little hatch. With all of their technology, modern-day automobiles in some way fail to give us the visceral experience of years ago; we even lost it in BMWs. But we found it again in the Veloster N. It's the most fun we had behind the wheel this year, and it sets the bar for inexpensive speed even higher.

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2020 Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang's transformation from muscle car to cars has been complete for a few years now. No longer simply quickly in a straight line, it's legitimately fun to steer, also. What sets the Mustang apart, nevertheless, is the depth of its lineup-- no matter what sort of fun you want to have on the road, there's a Mustang for that.

Looking for something cost effective with good fuel economy? The Mustang EcoBoost and its turbocharged four-cylinder engine have you covered. Want a slice of Americana with big-time power under the hood? Check out the big V-8 in GT designs. For track task, there's a pair of Shelby models that snarl and chase down exotics for fun. And for 2020, the family has actually grown: On the low end, there's a brand-new High Performance Pack variant featuring a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine lifted from the Focus RS. At the really top of the lineup, the born-again Shelby GT500 with a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 that makes 760 horsepower and runs the car from 0-60 miles per hour in simply 3.3 seconds.

There is no other cars today that can offer this type of versatility. The Mustang is at or near the top of each category it competes in. It's not a few of the Mustang versions that are pleasurable-- they all are.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler
We've long held that enjoyable behind the wheel is not limited to devoted cars-- or perhaps paved roads-- and it's reflected practically every year in our Most Fun-to-Drive award. A returning nominee, the 2020 Jeep Wrangler stays unblemished for off-road hijinks. No other vehicle comes off the dealer lot as ready to take on a rock-crawling exploration or a jaunt through the mud as the Wrangler, specifically in its Rubicon trim level.

This is the second consecutive year that the Wrangler has been nominated for this award, after the intro of the JL generation as a late 2018 model. The modifications made the Wrangler much easier to live with in everyday life without jeopardizing its off-road capability. And it's easier than ever to ditch the doors and roofing for a special experience that's as fun as it looks.

The V-6 and mild-hybrid-enhanced four-cylinder powertrains are joined by a brand-new diesel motor for 2020, using somewhat better fuel economy and lots of torque. This includes a new dimension to the Wrangler's portfolio, yet controlling all of that torque while off the beaten path remains easy thanks to near-perfect throttle tuning for the diesel. Whether you're searching for off-road fun with 2-, four- or no doors, the Wrangler stays the answer.