Here's Why Car TV Shows SUCK If You Love Cars

This is episode 99. I need [ Music ], the Misty Mountains. This is car, guys talk with Andrew and devorah shhhhh, hey everyone that blew out my speak. Can you please lower the volume a little bit just a little bit a little bit more a little bit more because that was loud, okay, better, better hi! Everyone, hello, the deaf person over here that I'm pointing to is me. My name is Freddie Hernandez, which you may also know me as tovarisch, that guy over there that that just killed my eardrums, his name is Andrew Howell. How are you so? How are your uh? How are your finger guns done? Are you it's a very strange question? Yeah, I know, but you are, you are the guy to ask that you know you have those you have to register them as lethal weapons. Yes, okay, good! Well, we're not gon na talk about that anymore. This is the car guys talk, podcast show extravaganza experience. Yes, and we are. We are nearing our 100th episode. Wow. Worse is our 99th episode. Did you know that most podcasts don't make it past 99 episodes most podcasts are for scrubs. That'S right! That'S right! How many episodes says Joe Rogan duh 99, so um? I I went to a car show yesterday. I also sort of went to a car show yesterday. Okay, what kind of car show did you go to it was? It was mostly old cars. I like what? What sort of like? Well, I posted a picture actually on the wrench every day, Instagram Instagram account, which, if you don't follow you, should I rinse every day. Okay, let me take a look at that. While you talk about your but yeah, the car show that I went to, I guess by proxy was like old cars muscle cars. You know your standard that you know old, white guy stuff uh-huh. Well, we don't have to bring race into. I feel like yeah start. It start it up Anna worms that were okay. Let'S see there, we go hey. Look at that, it's a such as snazzy-looking instant. Do you ever notice that our logo and obsessed garage logo are exactly the same they're not exactly the same? They all garage, logos, blue and also tilted. The nut is on its angle, whereas ours, it is on its flat surface, I'm glad that Matt Mormon doesn't have very litigious lawyers, so these are the kinds of cars that you saw. So what kind of car is this? That is, a Ford Model Model, a interesting they? You know these cars, like you, can get them for really cheap nowadays, yeah the values for those cars have definitely fallen, which i think is kind of cool on it doesn't cover, or is that just dented it? So it's just it's destroyed. Oh wow, it's um patina! Oh, it's patent, uh, okay, great, so I also went to a car show and not to you know not to not to toot my own horn here, but I got recognized cool. I got recognized yesterday while driving around as well actually while driving around while driving around someone pulled up next to me in a white Jeep, Wrangler. Okay, he was like I love your channel, I'm a patreon member like I was like yo. I wish that we weren't on the road I'd love to like stop and hang out and talk with you, oh cool yeah. Also we have a. We have a patreon yeah um, so this stuff, this podcast the builds and and all the videos that we do, they cost money and any any little bit helps so that's gon na be in the link in the description below. If you can help that's great, if not you know, that's cool too patreon members do get their videos early about a day early. So that's incentive for you guys too. So so you got approached bought somebody, I guess technically I didn't get recognized. He recognized my car. The car yeah he recognized two pops and crackles oh yeah, I mean, of course, is that, oh, yes, I know that I'm just I'm just driving around and my car announces. My presence for me is that is that why you did it? No, so I know I had that before we did the podcast here's Matt, of course before I was already miss youtuber. I had this or you were a world famous or I was a world class content creator. I had that pop singing for poops and crew cool solution, critical, so I'm I haven't a. I have a theory that you it in in some respect. You crave attention and that's why you got it okay, I mean I can. I can say no and disprove you all. I want you're, not gon na, believe me, but legitimately I have that tune because I love the way it sounds. I honestly don't care about anyone, elses opinions. Obviously I don't talk as you hate it. Aha yeah keep going legit is just it just makes me smile, makes me happy. Okay, it makes you smile like I said I can try and defend it all. I want you're, not gon na, believe me, so it doesn't matter, I'm not I'm just not yeah. It'S an uphill battle. I mean again. I really just play the scenario over in our heads. Okay, you have a very loud Ford Focus that has a when you let off the throttle. It has this very distinct very loud. It sounds like if you don't know what a gunshot sounds like it sounds kind of like gunshots. It'S a good yeah yeah. It'S not it's, not John wick versus common in this subway they're. Not it's not a suppressed gon na sound, it's both full loud yeah. So it's it's it's really loud and then you look in the driver's seat and the guy is blasting. What I'm guessing is gon na be synth wave and then you're in in these pit viper sunglasses, which are reflective all the way around. You look like you're from Back to the Future Part 2. I don't my windows down my pit. Vipers are for me if I, if I have my windows down, I'm not blaring music, like a jack wad, all I'm listening to my car. Okay, that's the only news. That'S a dude, you got four cylinders in there. Does all the music you need. You need a stereo okay. Now I make fun of you, but it's a saint dude. I have an orange Lamborghini yeah. Let'S be completely honest, so it's yeah, that's gon na be - and you were here like in a polo and like aviators, looking like a yacht owner, yeah yeah you're on the way to the yacht. I just put up part of my boat shoes and yeah. Hey guys were supporting literally literally all you wear. Oh this old thing, yeah, it's a piece of crap. Oh your doors, don't go up. It'S a cheap one! World famous you've seen it. You know, you know I only bring a tiki, so I went to a car. Show yes, and there are a few cars there. It was a made with my friend Craig. He has a lp640, which is a lp640 a Lamborghini Murcielago and and it's Murcielago, I'm sorry. People are gon na get like whoa. What do you say Roemer? What you saying about, I saying it right: it's my Fionna go marciela come with theater, you have to say it with a Spanish flair and I have to say it with, even though it's an Italian car made by a German car company, but anyway right. But it's a Spanish fighting bull right, but it's an Italian car made by a German car company more and there were. There were interesting cars there, the mercy. Of course there was a Lotus 400 Bora, oh wow, yeah. Those are real, nice Maserati GranTurismo. There was a guy yard, o LP, 552, okay, so that the petrol will drive like Balboni type thing to Ferrari 360 s which ion oh, yes, really kind of yes yep. Turning around on yes, those cars I for a while there were a little bit like. I don't know and like now, it's like that's a very pleasing shape. Yes, they are not like Ferraris, are always gon na be expensive, but that's like I mean you say that they are have you looked up. Prices of 400s well, 400 is basically at Chrysler. It'S like well, we got a three-speed automatic. You looked at prices on Mondale's Mondale's are actually on the way up. Are they really yeah? Mondale'S are not they're still obtainable, but like at some point. You realize, like hey, I'm paying $ 75,000 for a Mondial mmm. Okay, that that hurts I'm wasting money. All of my money - yes, my life, no, but I think the 360s, and especially the four 30s, are really good. Bye, dude. I want a 430 so bad. So if I got one how mad would you be? I wouldn't be mad at all, because then I would just drive it and not to pay for it um. What if I told you, you couldn't drive it. What if I said what if I was like, I have one and you don't get one and I was like look at my Ferrari: dime revving it and I'm like you, can't drive it dad. Would you be mad, then? Would you be a little jealous? Hmm Andrew is that is that your phone or mine - it's probably yours, because probably mine, yours, operates on like radioactive frequencies in the Soviet era, my phone, my phone, your throne, my throne, listen brother. My throne is from the Cold War, but I after the show, I met a guy and his name is Bruce and he is the owner cyant white shark. Yes, that is a Finding Nemo joke. Yes, I'm glad that you understand pop culture and can reference things that were made 15 years ago, fish fish, so he owns Maranello Autosport and I went to his shop afterwards. Where is this? This is in Mount Dora. Oh, I didn't know there was a shop in LA. I also did not know that very cool. So this this was like an old first of all, I'm so jealous of that sháá, because it looks like it's an old barn but and there's so much natural light. There'S windows everywhere Wow, so it's a crazy natural light and it's it's about twice the size of my shop. So it's like 10,000 square feet, so much overhangs, but it's filled to the brim with like supercars with you know Ferraris, and there was a mercy there. There was a bunch of 360s and there was three five five GTS. There was actually three of them and there were Guyardo. Super Trofeo is like the race cars yeah. Two of those and yeah I mean this guy. Like knows this stuff, so this is like you know this would be a GX of yeah. You know, and I didn't know about it, you know - and it's just like some little shop, that is off of one's you know next to a pizza place and yeah. It'S just awesome, so maybe I'll take the guy over there and we'll see if we can get the top sorted, because I've been trying to get mark from AGX to come down here and like I can't get an answer out of him. But every time I talk about Alex Choi's Huracan, I'm like oh that's, crazy and he's like yeah. I know so I'm trying to trying to get him but, like obviously you know flying somebody out across the country. It'S gon na take a little bit of logistics. You know yeah yeah yeah, that's fine, but hopefully we can get something done there. I was thinking since I was you know at a shop and we were talking a lot about people's expectations. When you have a build, you know how long these things take. Yes and then I started talking about people watch car shows people watch like these fast and loud car shows and they go. You know it goes from junkyard to SEMA in 45 minutes and then that's what expectation people have like. Oh yeah, you just you know, take off the rust and you do a little metal work and you put in a bigger engine and boom. You know that night you got to see them with it. You put some bags on it and then and then whoo you got ta. You got ta yeah so a few years ago about actually four years ago now, I wrote an article on Jalopnik on Zillow picnic and Angelo picnic about [ Laughter ] about why car TVs, just imagining like going on a picnic and like well picnic basket, and it's Just like sandwiches in a giant thing of jello like they used to do in the sixties, but everything in gelatin - oh god, yeah. Actually that happens in Russia. They have this thing called that makes sense yeah that they have. This thing called hollow Jets and it's like it's all what holla debts hella debts? Yes and it's I hate it, it's a horrible horrible dish, but it's like a jello made of like bone broth and inside you have meat and a lot of people really like it. And it it is disgusting, it is very, I can't eat it without without gagging that sounds like the most Russian food. I could possibly think of uh. Well, there's also something called co-op, Koopa Troopa and what is it called? Silca silca, silca, silca, okay, see oka silica, silica, aha, but true way, but through me, but Ruben, but Ruben yeah and it basically means a fish underneath like a fur coat. But it's not a fur coat. It'S like it's beets and and whatever like they make it's like a casserole. Really it's it's Harrogate fish under Furcal. I imagine just like it's a sandwich, but but the meat in the middle is fish and instead of bread you're using like bear stakes. Yes, it is great for Siberian winter basic. So what it is is what it is. It'S herring, and I know you guys love this crazy. Russian food talk, it's herring and then there's like a beet casserole over it, and I hate it. It'S it's. I hate fish and I don't like beets, so I feel like I feel, like you would love it thanks. I hate thanks, so I want to well I'd like to have you skim through the article yeah we can we can. We can skim on yeah, so um scheme own down, so this is what when was this made skimming tree? This was September 10th of 2015 and I'm gon na pull it up here. Just so, people can see what we're what we're looking at, and that is a lot of these like pictures, are broken there we go. Here'S my car TV show suck if you love cars, and that was in. I sneezed bless you, okay, okay, so I'm ready. Yes, I'm a fairly car obsessed 20-something when I'm not researching ways to fix my own cars, I'm watching videos about cars, I'm no stranger to it off to a strong start, I'm a stranger to a shop and I find fart humor, quite refreshing, pardon the pun. What there's? No there's a it's its roof? Okay, all right! There'S, no pun there! Okay, there's there is it okay, where where's the pun. When you fart, you feel refreshed, that's it! I don't think you understand how pun works. Anyways. I think I do know I'm exactly the demographic thematic level of stupidity. Yes, I'm exactly what I'm exactly demographic that networks that networks want. Are you, okay? Are you yeah? Do you want me to do this? Yeah go ahead? Okay, let's read it off the screen. No I'll read it off the screen. I'Ll write off your phone, no, no cuz! We need we need to have our I'm. I don't you have to trust me. You can't use my phone what's on your phone and you can't use my phone on your phone. Just read it off the screen: just hey: Google, okay, let's read on the screen, I love this picture yeah, so it's Photoshop is it. I thought that was he so really he's like he's like the vibrating really hard. This guy's, like this guy fieri of car world Guy Fieri's as a Guy Fieri of car world. No, no Guy Fieri is the Guy Fieri of the food world. No he's a car guy he's a really big car guy. You don't know that. Listen! Did you not know the Guy Fieri's a car? Well, okay, look at this keys. I know I know leading up a storm. I know that guys yet he's a car guy, but just look at this guy. No, I think it's fine. I think he's all right. Now he's the guy Yeti of the car rolled. Well, I mean what's wrong with that: okay nothing's wrong! I'M fine Yeti! I love got kids, I'm a fairly carb set 20-something when I'm carb size. 20-Something! Oh, don't hurt yourself! Oh I'm okay there, but I think I think this is more of a testament of your writing than it is to either of us there's nothing wrong with my writing. Sir. Okay right. Okay, I'm exactly a demographic that networks want when they launch new car shows. Why, then do I think they all suck lightning in a bottle is the phrase that describes the ability to capture something truly unique. It also means that the person capturing that certain something has no GD clue how to make it happen again. This is inherently the problem with network executives instead of having new genres and concepts pop up and take chances. The knowledge that we as a public are creatures of habit means that just like toddlers who want to see a never-ending marathon of Wow Wow Wubbzy. You remember that show no okay, there's some there's some Marty being bored with this crib. Okay. So that's always always good Andrew. But here's the thing it's got a lot of views, okay, cool! So just like you mentioned the toddler's, never-ending marathons of Wow Wow Wubbzy. Yes, they just keep coming back to the same crap, even though it's not good so, yes, carry on carry on okay, carry on all right, so right there. It says we'll binge watch some well, not really tolerate, because it hits all those same pleasure centers. If I'm only just yes, yes case in point, continue a lot of views are you implying? Are you implying? I am. Are you implying that writing is formulaic? Yes, okay! Yes, I'd like to see your writing, sir mm-hmm, I'm not I'm not well-known for my writing. Ah, that's fine! That'S fine! I'M well criticized I'm well known, or are you well known for this for a high-end quality? Oh, this is what Andrews well known for that tux! No yeah! That'S a new form, each! Oh yeah! You know for me dog yeah, so there's this thing, that's better and it's cold. It'S called everything everything other than this called everything that I like. Okay, have you not heard of it? Of course, you haven't because you're stupid all right: um, okay, Oh schadenfreude, the ability to derive joy from schadenfreude, ah schadenfreude. Ah, suddenly this I didn't schadenfreude. Okay, the ability to derive joy from another's misfortune is the overwhelming emotion that urges people to turn on their televisions and watch. My 600-pound life is the sole reason, TMZ exists and why WorldStarHipHop is a cultural force that makes money rain well, not in 2019. It doesn't but - and it's made its way into car shows see I used to have pictures here. But now the pictures are gone because it's four years later and that's how the internet works good. If you watch an episode of Discovery's breakout hit fast and loud, because you're, a glutton for punishment like I am you'll notice, that the first priorities of the show are one to introduce the show's characters, all portraying a different, one-dimensional stereotype and to manufacture drama for those Of you, unfamiliar with the show, here's an abridged synopsis of every single episode. Oh great, this is look at this long list Andrew. How long does this go on for a little while, my god? Yes, this is what this is. What happens when you when you're right thing, have you like? Do you read things like how long the articles for you like? Do you just? Oh, are you just read tweets and you think that that's how long like things are, do you look at books and you go like come on like just get to the end, all right? What is what is reading? What is books? This is like readings for sissies. This is an average like the. This is a very average article. It is a very, very average. It'S average in an in quality and and in size. Oh well, there's a joke there. Yes um, so it's not the size of the article. It'S the amount of words. You can pack into one paragraph or one in your case, one sentence. You know you know what it is, what it is it's like if you're, if you're moving, but you only have one small car, but you have to cram as much stuff as you can, because you don't want to make more than one trip so you're just right Or it's like it's like when you're writing an essay at the end of an exam, and it has to be like you have to cover all these points, and it has mean certain number of words and yours like. I also think as well. In addition to that, as well, you also hand you just become the architect in matrix, concordantly visa vie, nobody uses these words outside of. Like nineteen twenties, I don't know, there's a market there, isn't there a marker company called visa fees or visa vie. Probably I don't know: okay thanks Andrew, so, okay, so here's the synopsis of a of an average episode feel free to pause the video and read it for the video and then turn it on. Okay, Richard Rawlings owner of gas monkey garage gets a tip about some car left in a field for 20 years, goes to checkout, said car, with the approximate value of 25 thousand dollars cut to interview with Richard Rawlings in studio, recalling what we're seeing him do in Real time just so we're not confused in any way upon arrival, see said 25 thousand dollar car and after crouching about the price, buys the car for $ 1,500, plus some gas monkey t-shirts, gas monkey tequila and a hundred count value pack of gas monkey medical grade. Colostomy bags cut to interview: do they have those you want? Some I'm sure I can hook you up cut to interview with Richard Rawlings in studio, recalling what we're seeing him do in real time. Just so we're not confused in any way 10 minutes of commercials. Car gets to the garage all the mechanics proclaimed to be the worst car they've ever seen, while trying hard not to stare directly into the camera. That'S feeding them lines. They make jokes, because bad humor is better than no humor right interview with richard rawlings in studio. We'Re calling what we're seeing him doing, real-time just so, I'm not confused in any way. Oh, I see what's going on that happens a lot and say it does copied and paste the same sentence nine times to further pad your essay continue. You know you know if it's not like, I got paid by the word here. You know Andrew we're, trying to we're trying to get through this article and you just making vet you're, making it very, very difficult. No, the article that you wrote is making it very dull. No no people in the comments, you guys you guys, let me know you can read the article and see you know see if it makes sense. Andrew apparently is a toddler and he doesn't know how to read like he what what is a regular article for you? How many words is an article for you. Your eyes is glazed over my mind immediately with my mind, immediately want to, like that my mind, immediately ones like the the the drawings and stuff in the back of like a Captain Crunch cereal berry, just a monkey playing ping-pong yet yeah, yeah. Okay, there we go. That'S that's how just like, like your articles, oops no pictures like richard has 24 hours that includes richard has 24 hours, and that includes delivering the car to australia. Along with five metric tons of grade-a texas, moonshine blah blah cut to interview low block. Richard gathers a crew, gives a pep talk about how he's gon na have to sell his body to science. If this bill doesn't get done on time on budget, they cannot screw this up. Car doesn't start slash parts, don't fit slash. One of the mechanics quit slash. Everyone at the shop takes a day off for some reason: slash all-of-the-above, 10-minute, commercial, break, 30-second snippet of the mechanics doing stuff that isn't working on cars. Five-Minute commercial break not brought to you by dodge. Remember all the drama that unfolded in the third act. Forget all that the car is done with enough time for a fully or her skit, except instead of actors. We have gas monkey employees Richard meets with said rich guy now, a measurably drunk richard receives $ 500,000 cash with a car visibly draw-off to anyone. That knows anything about cars. They do a Burnout because burnouts equal quality, they celebrate a gas Monkey Bar and Grille, now brought to you by Dodge cut to interview with Richard Rawlings the studio recalling what they're, seeing and doing a real-time just so we're not confusing anyway. Whoo, so that's that's the what it's actually pretty funny. Okay, good! You see, you see, you see what happens when you're, not a Negative Nancy, but I made it. We made it to the end. That'S know that of that great, how much of the articles love that? Second, okay, not only is a formula for every episode for that show not only it's just a formula for every episode of my show but spin-offs like misfit garage, a show that revolves entirely around employees. Richard Rawlings has fired march in lockstep with this paint-by-numbers technique of filmmaking and it's multiplying. Recently I had also this is. This is bad back when they gave me like a like press access to a new show every once in a while. They go. Oh, you know NBC, has this new show or blah blah and they go? We have like some first episodes that you can do a review on and then, when show comes out, you give you a review and then I saw it and I'm like I don't not good so and and what's what's what I don't like. Is that, like the people in the show, they're they're nice, like they look like they're, good people and they're cool car guys, you know what I you know what I think. What do you think Andrew? I feel like with this flat brendham half these hipster glasses and this stupid beard. I look like I belong on. One of those shows I feel like all you need to do. I feel like you. What you need to do is you need to just get some tattoos. No, no, no slow, motion, angle, grinding yeah that a look work is being done on a car work. Do you like work, then we got work recently. I had the chance to see to advance screening episodes of it of NBCSN s. New car show mobsteel, with the show revolving around a modification shop in the Detroit area. Specializing in cars that have a mafia ask presence. Their first featured car was a late 60s era. Lincoln Continental and undoubtedly cool model that would be a great showcase of any fabrication and custom shops. Talents, except for the glaring and egregious Fault in every new car, show released today. It'S never about the cars, so mobsteel is a shameless, fast and loud clone which in itself, so this picture used to be like. I, I think it's the the trailer or something for it, but they took it down. I that show does not exist, so it says which in itself is clone of a hundred other shows that didn't make it relegated to the velocity Network now known as a Motor Trend Network, some actual motor content, yeah yeah yeah. Well I mean they. They learned yeah I'll, show you the aftermath of this article. After after I read it. Yeah two hours later, a channel that actively tries to make the joy of car ownership as nice and unattractive to newcomers as stamp collecting as to well everyone. It plants itself firmly on the scripted reality first bandwagon by introducing the show's various characters. First, a feat that takes up the first 13 minutes of the first episode. That'S right, no actual car work has even mentioned for the first third of a cars. Car shows 45 minute runtime, because that makes perfect sense. Instead, we're treated to the layout of the company's hierarchy, comprised the wide-eyed owner Stern, owner's wife who deals with the finances, the mechanics who all have some particular thing they do, and the customers who have the appeal of a drop ice cream cone. Hmm, yes, so that's you know yeah, but here's. Why shows like this exist? They appeal to the people who think of custom cars only as a rich person's plaything living vicariously through the big money decisions of those that they don't care to emulate, but wouldn't mind living like if only the universe, smile at them at the right time. Those same people also would experience a guilty thrill in seeing the shop, both metaphorically and literally crash and burn for for missing a deadline or producing a subpar automobile. So they stick around until the end, because that's when the big suspense will reveal happens so basically, what I'm saying is you know they want to see drama while these sorts of cookie cutter shows do have entertainment value for people who don't have 10w30 running through their Veins and really like that line, it comes at the cost of coverage of the often very interesting vehicles that these shops do build from time to time. Instead, we get slow-motion shots of mechanics grinding down metal stock for no discernible reason. According to NBCSN, nearly 1 million people million when Emilia million. What me Liam people turned into mobsteel's first episode, which is quite the validation that this model does indeed work. Even if it falls short of the survivor standard by a forum margin, a fart margin by a fart margin, fair margin. Well, why then, do I feel like there's, there's no room for me at the table as a car enthusiast, and how can we solve this problem for good Top Gear Works worked? This is actually when the whole Jeremy Clarkson thing was happening. Yes, because of the chemistry between the presenters but held the support of car enthusiasts like me, because it maintained an emphasis on the love of the automobile, the cars chosen, each episode told the necessary story and were just a revered as their punch happy drivers. Yes, definitely. Yes, which is what shows like mobsteel and fast and loud, are sorely missing I'll, be willing to wager that other diehard car nuts would echo my sentiment. The shows the truly good car shows that are few and far between are about the interactions, as we enthusiasts have. As we as enthusiasts have of cars, and not the fact that they only serve as placeholders for the next Miller, Lite spot there's an underlying reason. Why shows like wheeler dealers have a modicum of success, but a high repeat, viewership rate, despite a China having the on-screen persona of that 3rd grade 3rd grade English teacher, you sort of light, even though you know I've, I've softened my tone on that. I think EDD. China'S like he has a really good on-screen presence dude China's a gangster yeah he's: oh gee, dude yeah. Yes, so I don't agree with that anymore. It'S the reason why jailers garage pulls in a massive audience, despite most, if not all the videos being made on a shoestring budget relative that are to their Network counterparts, because you don't need fancy equipment. If you have good content and also if you have a hundred million dollars worth of cars, you crush that it and you're also a late-night show host, that's been doing it for 25 years. If you have those two things, then you have YouTube gold. My friend, all you need, is a GoPro and a very expensive car and lots of denim and less lots of denim. These shows focused solely on the passion of the automobile, with the rest of the fluff and filler being treated as such. There are no deadlines, no manufactured controversy and, most importantly, no needless infighting between the owner and the shop manager, even though I'd probably pay to see a slap fight between jr. and Bernard I'm guessing. Those are people from the show, Jay, Leno and and his shop manager Bernard right. Yes, oh, I would pay to see of jail or getting a fight. I wouldn't III, wouldn't I think Jay can hit it pretty hard. He'S he's thick Jay Jay, I think he's. I think you get hit by Jay Leno you're having a bad day. Nah man, I think Jay - is pretty chill. I don't hit anybody, no, I know, but I'm saying it like it, you imagine somebody cuz something getting him that Maddie just like smashes somebody. It'S okay YouTube Giants, Marty and Moog from Murray car mods Marty. Car mods are in the same boat, providing DIY content, automotive builds with a million strong audience grown organically, and none of the channels and shows mentioned would be as significant in the space without support of actual car lovers needlessly except obsessing over every minut detail. And that's inherently the difference between homegrown shows and the network claptrap. It'S just the fact that when you, when you can manufacture conflict, you can't fake passion we as multiple generations of car lovers. Oh, it's ourselves to support the shows that not only open us, the new automotive experiences and viewpoints, but give us more of the automotive concept. We want more of the time otherwise, we'll all all we'll have is Network selling us a dream. No one asked for wearing a gas monkey t-shirt. No one wanted. So that's that's the article. It wasn't us it wasn't as long as you thought we're here we're alive. Ok, I think Andrew died. Ok, what how you doing there? Hey you go champ! You need a little chocolate milk, so I love like sometimes I'll go to my parents, house and they'll just like put on one of these car shows as if it's like yeah Andrew you, like these things right cars yeah, my parents, don't own a TV they're, always Churning butter and harvesting yet vegetables and regatta raise the bar. My cousin Ezekiel is always out there. Milk milk milking the cows, so the the aftermath of this story is that I got a call from on ship, and that is the agent I don't know. If he's still the agent, but he was the agent at the time of Richard Rawlings - also Matt Farah and I believe some other discovery people. So I think so what some wheeler-dealers guys. But he called me that I thought that he was like mad or something you know how dare you, but he was like super cool he's like he's a car guy, and he just asked me he said so. What do you think you know? Where do you think car shows should go and I said like well, you know the demographics are changing and I think that if you focus on the cars more and not that like a manufactured ramen, whatever then you'll get more of an audience, and I think that's: What'S been happening, I mean I'm not I'm not saying I'm responsible for any of that, but I single-handedly but I say: handedly changed the automotive landscape, so you're welcome everyone. If you see a car show on TV that you like okay, so no it's, it has nothing to do with me, but it's um. I think they've been going that way. You know you. You see a lot more on, especially on Motor Trend Network they've been doing more nostalgia stuff for our age. Yes, they've get they've gotten younger people, you know the whole roadkill thing with uh, you know Freiburg and Finnegan. You have the you. You have the young and old type of demographic. You have the person that loves the 60s and 70s. Then you have the guy who's like I like many trucks, and I like these old, you know those are cool so and especially like the rise of YouTube. You know YouTube has gotten like insanely big since that time. So you know what kind of car shows. Obviously you don't watch TV because you're a hipster and you don't own a TV, but I do own a TVs. Don'T you? Don'T you? Don'T you think? I think you do not okay, Andrew it's not where I watch all of my YouTube content. On my TV. I don't watch on my computer because the screen is too small. Okay, Andrew and I also have a really big, surround sound system, so I want to be surrounded. Okay, I want to be immersed Andrew okay, so we have a few of us have been talking and I think we were a little concerned because you go home and you think you have a TV but you're just staring at the wall. So that's a little. What we'll take a video for you next time you just you stare at the wall, you start laughing and you think that you're watching YouTube news. It'S it's it's it's! It was funny at first we thought you're kidding, but then, like you kept doing it. So it was, it's a little sad. It'S a little sad, I'm sorry to bring up on air, but it just worried about you buddy. I just can't stop eating shrooms. No I'm, but I mean you, don't have a cable. Like you know, I don't. I don't have a cable, I don't have a cable, you have a cable subscription so but I do have a Motor Trend subscription, ah yeah, so you can see that, but you know Top Gear's coming to Motor Trend by the way really yeah they're, like that. That'S that's basically, it that's a whole. They they need that in the Grand Tour and that's it like you never need to see any other car shows ever ever again. I'M like there's I'm curious to see. What'S gon na happen with the Grand Tour? Do they do their last episode like last last? Well, it's not that they're doing more, but it's just gon na be like a format, different format, we're just fine. I do, I think, they're getting a little old. I think that you know they can't do all this stuff all the time. Like the imagine the trial, the thing is like they're, not that old they are pretty old. Jeremy, Clarkson and James May are pretty old they're in their 50s, like early 50s they're, not early 50s yeah the amount of stress that they that they have especially doing a lot of the stuff that they do and they're not in great shape, either like it's, because They drink and they drink and smoke too much and yeah old English guys that are frill and James mate got a head injury and like and Richard Hammond was in a crash that went 300 miles an hour and then he fell off a horse like and then He crashed again in a remac, you know these are issues. You know they also in another crash before the riemeck. Did he yeah? Okay, don't remember what it was. Probably fell off the horse. Okay, so I got a. I got a call, and you know they asked me what would I think car shows were going, but what I got from that was that, like they, the the movie and that movie the the TV production companies, they were so scared to go out of their format. To go out of the format that they knew work because when you know I mentioned survivor a few times in that article and you know, survivors an old show, but it's that was like the beginning of the reality show craze. They had really shows before that, like real world and all that stuff and road rules, but nothing like Survivor, because when they it was like people came on and then they started doing that format. Where you know you do the it live like oh yeah. Well, when he told me this, like they have the person in the studio talking about what's going on right now, like that got people in thrall and they're like every show needs to do this. It doesn't matter what it's about. I hate it so much yeah and it's stupid and then you have and we're talking to the guys at the drive drive guys from NBC Sports. Is that clap men and yes yeah. So they do proving grounds and and all that, but when they do drive on NBC Sports, they have to do a format like that where they they do a reek like they do. You know set amount of minutes and then, after the commercial break, they do a recap of what just happened, and I'm like. Why like? Why? Why does that need to have like you assume? The person is that people are watching and they they don't really understand. How many people are watching and for how long? Because it still based on like Nielsen ratings, which is like, if you know it, do you know how those work? No okay, so Nielsen ratings? Is they give a box like a little box that you plug into your television and then they they just see what you're watching and when that's it, and it's like that's how they like it's, not YouTube where you can go. Oh, I know exactly how long people are watching for here's. My average watch time. Here'S when people click off people, here's uh, you know if people skip over a part. I know I know this. I know demographics of everybody. No, you listen. Traitors, like we just give a box to like a bunch of old people and when they watch TV, then it just turns on, and it gives us some information and we don't know you know they they could just have the TV on. They could be asleep. You know it's a good, it is so bad and then they go. We just extrapolate this data into into whatever in life. Well, we had three hundred thousand people watching like did you really cuz? How do you know and then and then advertisers pay a crazy amount of money for that small amount and then, when you go to youtube and they have like a chrisfix that does two million three million views on you know how to rebuild your wheel. Bearings then they're, like I don't know, what's going on like what's happening here like there's, there there's a real big cultural shift and I don't know what's gon na end, but it's definitely not gon na end with TV. You know anytime. I I have any sort of like I've gotten pitches for TV before and I've gotten people asking me like. What do you think is? You know it's gon na be good for for TV moving forward, I'm like nothing for it to die. Well, TV, as we know it to die because people are still watching TVs, you know but they're they're, using like YouTube TV app but you're they're using you know the Motor Trend app and that sort of thing but cable like who wants to watch a show and Then, in the middle you have ten minutes of commercials. You literally just got done making fun of me because they don't have cable and now you're. I didn't make funny because you're not cable, I make fun of you because you don't have a TV and you stare at the wall and you laugh. No. You made fun of you boobs in the 15 years and then you over here, like bashing cable. I didn't. I didn't make fun of you for you have in the past, you guys I have not. I'Ve never made fun of you for it for hipster for not having cable. I don't have cable, I don't know I know, but you make fun of me for not having it cuz. I don't easy to make fun of me. Cuz you're, a piece of crap. I would easy target you know, but I, like my wife likes me, my friends like I don't have a good wife. Okay, what do you not know where that okay nevermind yeah? Of course you don't know because you're happy, I also don't have a Dodge Stratus. What isn't that from the I Drive a Dodge, Stratus kit? No that's from from planes, trains and automobiles as John Candy's thing when yeah yeah, if you said dodge K car that would have been apt yeah, I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. Alright. So we have, we have gone, got a little bit off topic, but I that that's where I think automotive car shows of gone and we'll go, I don't know, I think fast loud is still like making seasons and stuff. I had pretty sure Richard Rawlings is a very, very wealthy man. Oh he's yeah yeah very he's rich. So can you can you just turn it yeah? I got okay. There we go a little bit a little bit. Yeah sorry, just technical difficulties. One of my there. You go one of my ears on my headphones. Just went out, no one cares well, I want to let them know, so I don't so but like what? What show would you like to see? You know what show would you like to see that isn't made right now I don't know I feel like I feel like we're making I mean with the combo of like roadkill. I watch a lot of Cletus mm-hmm. I watch a lot of d de yeah. I watch a lot of salamandra and I'm amped he's kind of getting back into the game a little. Oh yeah, that's great yeah. I don't know I feel, like all of my all of my needs are met. I really haven't found any other, of course, Grand Tour yeah repeats of Top Gear. I can watch those for the rest of my life right so so you don't think that there's there's something that hasn't been filled like some some need like. So I get that you have you have such a variety of content with YouTube and also with you know, Grand Tour added into that. But I I know that when I watch one of these car shows like a fast and loud. Even if I like the build - even if I think the build is interesting, there's something missing from that show. There'S something missing from. Why don't I don't ever bother watching those shows, I used to watch it religiously. I used to watch it all the time I never met and then I was like at one point. I'M like I'm done. I don't care about the skits, it yeah and you know, he's never done like I never got into those shows ever so. I hate read: they're the reality TV format. I despise it. Some of the builds are really interesting and some of the like the characters are cool, and they, you know, I think, actually there is a okay hold on there is a TV show that I used to watch pretty regularly. Overhaulin overhaul is good yeah. I was a decent, it was, it was kind of still an annoying reality. Tv show it it is, but it had its own, its own little cheesy, charm, yeah and, like I feel like the people that worked on that show actually knew about cars. Well, here's the thing chip foose is like one of the most iconic car builders: oh absolutely, I'd love to have a car built by hand, yeah, awesome, yeah and, and it seems like everybody who talks about Chip Foose is like he is the nicest person that has Ever ever lived one of them, one of the best shows that I've ever seen like any car show he's Overhaulin and it's the one where his they they stole his truck. They stole Chip Foose his truck yes and they they rebuilt it. I think um, what uh? The guy ran at me talking yeah, so the guy who's on Matt Farah's podcast. He was talking about like his favorite episode, and I think that was like the best episode that they ever had, but it was a Chip, Foose and his dad built a truck like his truck for him like he'd built it up, and it's just he didn't have Time, you know, chip never had time for it and they revealed it and like he just like you could tell that he would really he loved the truck and he loved everybody involved with it and he was like he just started crying. You know, and that's like it was just like pull back the curtain ya know, but it was you know that was like a real real moment, yeah somebody who I feel like the people that they have on the show that for whom they build the cars, I Feel like that is those are that's genuine reaction. People are getting yeah, yeah yeah yeah, so I'm I'm surprised that they, you know, went as long as they did and and all that stuff you can still get the one Motor Trend. Actually yeah, yeah there's another show. I can't really exact name of the show, but it's with Lou Santiago. Yes, that's on Motor Trend. I can't remember the name of the show yeah, another wife, but now would you talk about they? Actually they shoot in Tampa. Yes, the other you yeah, [ Music, ], something garage, two guys garage, okay, two guys garage that that's cool show. I think it's called two guys because there's a two girls girl or all girls grow up. That'S all girls garage! That'S awesome! Tamp! I believe I have never seen an episode of all girls garage I've, but I've heard of it yeah. I assume it's a garage with all girls in it, but yeah. I like two guys garage. I mean it's. If it's Motor Trend chances are, you can't go wrong with it, yeah, okay, so Motor Trend? If you want to buy wrench, everyday and yeah or just keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep paying you to watch it or you can five bucks a month or you can buy wrench everyday or that yeah okay, so that's gon na, be it for this Episode in the next episode, we're gon na be answering viewer questions, and it's it's not just gon na, be us talking about our lives. It'S gon na be car repair, questions, modifications buying all that stuff, and I'm pretty pumped about that. I like to like to share my my big brain knowledge, a big smooth, brain knowledge with you guys. I'Ve got nice smooth ride all right, so you can email us at I rent everyday at or car guys talk at and follow us on instagram a trench every day. So that's it! This meets of our sh for Andrew Howell money. You guys, as always to what do we do: um fixham, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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